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If you are a refugee from overseas, then in most cases, you need to apply for asylum as soon as possible once you arrive in the UK. Generally, this means you have left your home country and are afraid to return for fear of persecution.
Persecution could be due to race, religion, political views or sexual orientation, and specifies you have been denied protection in your home country.

Legal Assistance with Asylum Applications in Leeds, Bradford and Nationwide

The team here at Mutebuka & Co Immigration Lawyers provide practical and moral support with your application during what is often a period of upheaval, uncertainty and distress. We will help make your asylum application stand up to scrutiny and treat every case individually.
It is important to stress the importance of applying for asylum at the earliest opportunity, as delays could negatively affect the outcome of your application.

Asylum Appeals in Leeds, Bradford and Nationwide

We understand that a rejected asylum claim can cause a lot of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. Our specialists will guide you through the appeal process and study your claim with meticulous detail to ensure your case is fairly and impartially reviewed.

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