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UK Residency for EU Citizens in Leeds, Bradford and Nationwide across the UK

Since Brexit, the laws around UK residency for EU citizens have changed. EU citizens living and working in the UK now need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.
This scheme will grant you either settled or pre-settled status. Both provide the right to:

Legal Assistance with UK Residency Applications for EU Citizens

Mutebuka & Co Immigration Lawyers can help you navigate the application process, ensuring all forms are complete and include any supporting evidence to bolster your application. We provide a personal service that treats every person and case on its individual merits.

Work Permit Applications for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals in Leeds, Bradford & across the UK

Work Permit Applications for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals can be more complicated than applications from other countries, yet our team will do our very best to assist with your case.

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There are several reasons clients turn to us when in need of legal representation:

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